Important Information for all DTE Customers:

09 Jan 2012 9:41 AM | RECI Office (Administrator)
Please be sure to let DTE know if you are planning home or business renovations that involve removal of your new advanced meter, EVEN temporarily.  
This could include service upgrades, replacing a meter enclosure, or entrance cables.  When the DTE advanced meter stops working, our system assumes you have an outage and DTE sends out a repair crew. 
You can help us and our customers avoid these unneeded expenses by calling DTE at 1-800-477-4747 before you remove the meter Please provide the Customer Representative with the location, date, meter number, and possible duration of the meter removal prior to meter removal.


  • 26 Jan 2012 5:55 PM | Larry Proghovnick
    Have you ever tried calling this number?I saw a primary fuse burning on a pole last week.I called the magic number and was hold 15 minute's.So good luck with this foul up.

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