6/7/23CP-23-00053NEC 2020 Changes2-TPhil Clark
 6/7/23 CP-23-00054Review of Public Acts 2-A Frank Everingham 
 5/3/23CP-23-00040 LARA Bureau Function & Website Tips 1-C

Lance Ash  

4/5/23CP-23-00052  NEC Changes Chapters 4-5 2-TPhil Clark 
4/5/23 CP-23-00025  Existing Dwellings1-A John Danick 
2/1/23 CP-23-00051 2020 Codes 2-TPhil Clark 
 2/1/23 CP-23-00009 Pictures of Violations1-T Frank Everingham 
 1/4/23CP-23-00006 2020 NEC Chapters 1-2 2-T Phil Clark 
1/4/23 CP-23-00007 Inspecting Feeders & Cables W/O Ground Wire  1-TFrank Everingham 
11/2/22 CP-22-00070 Bridging the Generator Gap Pres., ATS Switches 1-S, 1-T

Brian Baughman/Frank Everingham 

 10/5/22 CP-22-00099Surge Protective Devices  2-T, 1-PRRick Syverson 
10/5/22 CP-22-00100  2 Code Question Electrical1-S, 1-TFrank Everingham 
 6/1/22 CP-22-00039 Changes to NEC 20202-T, 1-PR Frank Everingham 
5/4/22 CP-22-00062 Michigan Electrical Code 1-A, 1-T Lance Ash 
 4/6/22 CP-22-00043 Load Calculations for Electric Vehicles and Installation of Electrical Service1-S, 1-T, 1-PR Beau Burton, F. Everingham & DTE
2/2/22 CP-22-00043 Fire Pumps and Fire Alarm3-PRPhil Clark
11/3/21 CP-20-00045 Firestopping Residential Construction 1-S, 1-T Michael Crall
11/3/21CP-21-00107 Inspecting Residential Generators & Separately Derived System1-PR  Frank Everingham
10/6/21 CP-21-00099  Emergency & Legally Required Systems1-T, 1-PR Phil Clark 
 10/6/21CP-21-00101 Arc Faults & E.V. Wiring 1-T Phil Clark 
7/7/21 CP-21-00038 General Requirements for Electrical Installation  2-T Frank Everingham 
6/2/21CP-20-00069 Swimming Pools 1-S Frank Everingham 
 5/5/21CP-21-00017 RECI Spring Training 20211-A, 1-C Lance Ash 
4/7/21 CP-21-00004 Selective Coordination  1-S, 1-PRJoe Pavia 
3/3/21 CP-20-00066 Fire Stopping 1-TMichael Crall 
 2/3/21CP-21-00005 Short Circuit Current Ratings 1-S, 1-TJoe Pavia 
1/13/21 CP-21-00003 Solar Voltaic Installations 1-S, 1-TJared Thinel 

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