About RECI

-Educating Electrical Professionals-

Our focus on education and communications to enable inspectors, sign installers, masters, journeymen, and contractors to register their licenses with municipalities, and become certified, remains in place.

Indeed, R.E.C.I.'s dedication to the goals of standardized practices, uniform electrical rules, offering educational forums and seminars, plus providing a voice in the code adoption process and in updating programs for license renewals−all this remains a strong, if not stronger, purpose than at any time in our over six decade history.

Started in 1939, the Reciprocal Electrical Council was in its very beginnings, an industry-sponsored program to unify and simplify electrical licensing throughout the State of Michigan.

The program allowed mutual recognition of licensing from municipality to municipality and rapidly earned the support of municipalities, contractors, architects, engineers, electrical supply houses, and DTE.

The mission of the Reciprocal Electrical Council is to provide education and training, to promote uniform code application and inspections, to promote industry professionalism and ensure the highest level of technical and administrative competence for individuals in the electrical industry.

A non-profit organization, the Council is operated by a Board of Directors drawn from industry members from various municipalities: electrical inspectors, contractors, DTE, Michigan Electrical Contractors Association (MECA), Thomas Edison Club (TEC), International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), Electrical Manufacturing Representatives Association (EMRA), suppliers, and sign and fire alarm installers.

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