Wednesday Afternoon Board Meeting Schedule and Information

       N.E.C.A. Building
       2735 Bellingham
       Troy, MI 48083

       See Map & Directions

        Meetings begin at 1:00 PM on dates as noted below.

      2020 Board Meetings

       January 15

       March 18-cancelled

       May 6 Annual Meeting-Ukrainian Cultural Center-cancelled

       July TBD

       September TBD

       November TBD

                                                                                                                                                         Dates subject to change-Updated 5/29/20 

Officers 2019-2021

Tony Tomasin - President

Grace Trudell - 1st Vice President

Dave Lusn - 2nd Vice President

Grace Trudell - Secretary

James Chase - Treasurer


Jeffrey Corbin - Redford

Frank Everingham – Bloomfield

Pat Falzon - Canton

Joseph Kraft - MECA

Paul Knapp - Thomas Edison Club

John Leonowitz - Safe Built

Frederic Radner - Ferndale

Ed Rosett - Birmingham

Mark Taber - Electrical Manufacturing

Anthony Yaroch - Bloomfield Township

Tom Bowes -  

Emeritus Members
John Hartigan

George Little

Richard Pawlowski

Bob Schuelke


Business Model

Chair: Ed Rosett

Jim Chase, Frank Everingham, Paul Knapp, John Leonowicz, Dave Lusn, Fred Radner


Chair: Frank Everingham

T. Bowes, Jim Chase, Jeff Corbin, Paul Knapp, John Leonowicz, George Little, Fred Radner, Ed Rosett, Anthony Yaroch


Chair: Fred Radner

Jim Chase, Pat Falzon


Co-Chairs: Grace Trudell, Jeff Corbin

Paul Knapp, Dave Lusn, Mark Tabor, Anthony Yaroch

Co-Chairs: Paul Knapp, Ed Rosett

Joe Kraft, Grace Trudell, Anthony Yaroch

R.E.C.I. Past Presidents
1980-1982 - George Hickman, Roseville
1982-1985 - Richard Emmons, Waterford Twp.
1985-1987 - Jay Winslow, Troy
1987-1989 - Gilbert Zanger, Clinton Twp.
1989-1991 - James Worden, Port Huron
1991-1993 - Mark Shapiro, Madison Heights
1993-1995 - George Little, Bloomfield Twp.
1995-1997 - John Hartigan, Roseville
1997-2001 - Harold Richmond, Sterling Heights
2001-2003 - Bob Schuelke, Canton
2003-2007 - Bob Lenz, Lincoln Park
2007-2009 - Phil Clark, Detroit
2009-2011 - Jim Hill, Ecorse
2011-2012 - Steve Gareau
2012-2015 - Ed Rosett 

2015-2017 - Darrick Witaker

2017-2019 - Pat Falzon, Canton

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